September 23, 2015

Dear Friends and Supporters of Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation,

With the days getting shorter and the school year beginning, I reluctantly realize that Labor Day has come and gone. The past holiday weekend, which traditionally marks the end of summer, leads me to share with you an ending of a more personal sort.

After almost fifteen years of serving families and their pets in the Denver metro area, Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation (CHHF) will be closing down our operations. Through the years, thanks to the generosity of our loyal supporters, we have provided assistance to hundreds of vulnerable animals, and we are ever grateful to have had your trust and patronage. Our mission was to provide relief in the face of economic euthanasia and to secure the human-animal bond—and towards that end, during our tenure, we have had great success.

Although we are closing our doors, the need for assistance to pets and their caretakers, sometimes faced with overwhelming financial challenges, remains constant. As animal lovers, you know how great that need is and that every donation has impact and plays a part in protecting and enhancing the quality of life for the animals in our community. Fortunately, PetAid Colorado shares CHHF’s vision. We are excited to be partnering with such a reputable organization as we pass on our legacy.

PetAid Colorado is a local, well-established, not-for-profit entity headquartered in Denver, which provides a healthcare safety net for pets. PetAid programs serve a multitude of animals to keep the human-animal bond intact. Enclosed is information about PetAid. The board of CHHF wholeheartedly endorses PetAid and strongly encourages you to continue your support of animals at risk through this wonderful organization.

Also, we would like to remember and sincerely appreciate all of the hours and love that our many volunteers have blessed us with. All members of our board—Courtney Metz, Lisa Brudenell, Robin Youngs, Liz Rubinstein, Melissa Copeland, Lisa Bennett, and Laura Stubbs—feel honored to have been involved in this little charity with a big heart, and truly hope that you will, as donors, continue the mission and the good work we have all begun by choosing PetAid Colorado when you next look to support animal welfare in Colorado.

We thank you in advance for your generosity.
Laura Stubbs

Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation, President